Private Training

Achieve the results you deserve.

At Thompson Performance, we create totally customized programs for our clients based off of important information gathered in our assessment session. We pride ourselves in creating results driven programs that really push our clients to achieve their goals efficiently. Whether you are looking to become a better athlete, lose fat and gain strength, or simply want to feel better in your day to day, we are ready to provide you with the instruction and encouragement necessary to get you fit and stay there.


Personal Group Training

Group classes with a personal touch.

Thompson Performance provides intimate group training classes that are powerful and impactful, while still remaining small enough to provide the attention, encouragement, and guidance necessary to help you achieve your goals. Each group session is limited to just 6 people, giving our clients the confidence that a professional instructor will always be there to help ensure the safest, most effective training experience for each individual.

Function meets detail.

The support and motivation provided by group training allows you to see your goals, and more importantly, reach them. We use a functional approach with detailed instruction to ensure each client understands how and why they are performing each movement.


Athlete Training

Train smart. Train with purpose.

If you want to be a great athlete, you have to train like one. At Thompson Performance, we create an environment that places similar responses and demands on the body in which the athlete performs in.

No two athletes are alike.

We take each athlete through a series of movement screens and strength assessments to help us customize a training program that's tailored to their individual needs. Our assessments help pinpoint any limitations or imbalances that may need to be addressed in order to optimize performance and take your game to a new level.

Get ready to increase every aspect of your game.






-Injury Reduction