— Thompson Performance




“I started at Thompson Performance shortly after recovering from an IT band injury. This injury was a result of not putting enough emphasis on stability strengthening during a vigorous marathon training regimen.

I chose Thompson Performance because I learned the consequences first hand of what will happen if you don’t take the necessary steps to take care of your body while pursuing your fitness goals.

Since beginning, I have not only noticed a quality increase in my running, I have also noticed a change the way I feel throughout my days. I feel stronger, my balance has increased, and I just generally feel more capable.”



“Before I started training at Thompson Performance, I was paying for a gym membership that I wasn’t using anymore due to lack of motivation and being bored of the same exercise routine. I was also coming off of a back injury and needed to change up my workouts to build up my strength.

I was looking for a small workout class focusing on performance training with a lot of core stability to help my back injury. I was also looking for a coach who can teach me new things and hold me accountable. Thompson Performance was exactly that.

I am stronger than I have ever been before, my back is no longer in pain, the workouts helped correct my posture and build may core strength up, I am no longer bored with my exercises, my day to day work performance has increased tremendously, and I feel awesome every time I leave class.”



“I was living an unhealthy life most of the time, stressing with life and work, not getting enough sleep and not training.

I chose Thompson Performance because I had a strong feeling that if I got a trainer with the right mindset, that understood my needs to get and stay lean, then I could enhance my surfing level and lifestyle for the better.  I just knew Cody and his crew was what i was missing in my life.

I’ve noticed how much stronger, agile, and less tired I have become. Not to mention I’m now in the best shape of my life, ever. period.”



“Before Thompson performance i was doing Mostly inconsistent isolation training in addition to an active lifestyle. but, due to an injury I was limited to the amount of workouts I could do.

I appreciate the focus on full body, as well as low impact workouts that allowed me to strengthen muscle groups that I used to struggle with improving on. 

I enjoy the upbeat and positive atmosphere, as well as a sense of community between members and trainers.”



“Before Thompson Performance I wasn’t doing much of anything! I had taken a hiatus from working out when I moved to Florida - so before starting at Thompson, it was about 2 years since I had been in a gym. 

I've always been intimidated by gyms. When I did go while I was living in Philly, I usually put my head down and hopped right on the eliptical because it was the only thing I knew how to do. Looking back on it, I realize that wasn't doing much of anything for me. When I found out about Thompson Performance and heard what Cody's mission/technique was - albeit still scared - I felt more open to the idea. I knew I that I needed to start doing something again, and this felt like the perfect fit!

Since beginning, I’ve noticed so much! However, I think the biggest difference has been in my confidence and energy levels. Getting up at 5:30 am was not something I had been doing before, but now I love it! It's the perfect way to start your day. Of course, I've also noticed a difference in my appearance - I am physically stronger and more toned - no complaints there. Lastly, because it's been so beneficial for me and I have seen such great results - I am so much more committed to a healthy lifestyle. Needless to say - I'm hooked!”



Before Thompson Performance, I was doing weighted linear training, with a focus on upper body.

I first attended Thompson Performance based on excellent recommendations and really chose the gym after seeing and feeling results of the workouts.

Since beginning, I have Increased flexibility, leg and core strength, better performance with my primary sports, and higher energy levels have all followed hard work at Thompson Performance. Incorporating lateral training and functional fitness routines into my workout regiment has proven to be invaluable to my health and performance.”